The Pajek preview panel on Windows
The Pajek preview panel on Windows
The Pajek preview panel on LINUX
The Pajek preview panel on LINUX

UNISoN was created to show social networks in UseNet messages. This is done in this panel. There are three networks that can be created, one of which must be selected to create the network:
  • Thread creator vs Current poster : network of links from the author of a message, to the author of the first message in a thread.
  • Previous poster vs current : (default) network of links from a message author to the author of the message they replied to.
  • All thread posters to current : network from links of the author of the message to posters of all the messages it refers, i.e. to all the messages in the thread up to that point.
There are three ways that the network is displayed, each in a separate tab:
  • Graph : a preview graph is created, with each poster represented by a node, and links represented by arrows. Holding the mouse over a node will show the poster details. The display can be moved around by holding the mouse down. The scale can be changed with the mouse scroll button. If need be, the GUI can be expanded to see the graph more easily.
  • Matrix : this shows a table representaion of the network.
  • Pajek File Preview : this shows what the Pajek network file will look like when it is created.
There a number of buttons:
  • Refresh : Reloads data from the database to show in the GUI. Also recreates network to reflect any change set in the radio selection.
  • Save to Pajek : saves the Pajek network file as seen in the "Pajek File preview" tab
  • Save to CSV : saves the table representation (in the Matrix tab) to a comma separated file