User Guide

Download and Install

Run via Java web start - this is self-signed so you need to allow it

Just Go To *Startmenu >>Java >>Configure Java >> Security >> Edit site list >> Add >> "" >> OK 


  1. Download the file

Download unison

  1. Unzip it to where you want to run the program
  2. go to the deploy folder
  3. run with either windows-run.bat or

To Access the code goto 

UNISoN - UseNet Incorporates Social Networks

About UNISoN

UNISoN is a Java-based NNTP client that can analyse messages to save to a Pajek-format file for Social Network Analysis. Developed as part of an MSc Business Systems Analysis & Design at City University in 2008, it was made Open Source in 2016, see

Steve Leonard

Download unison


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2012 July - I have put a PDF of my report I wrote for this project on

The saved message panel on Windows The Pajek preview panel on Windows